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The UK’s leading manufacturer of Plastic Rollers for some 20 years, the Horizon Roller Range is extensively used throughout all areas of the Bulk Handling Industry, offering a light weight, chemically resistant alternative to steel rollers.

  • The HDPE roller being one third the weight of its steel alternative, requires less energy on ‘start-up’ and during operation.
  • Additionally, in instances of roller failure, a plastic roller can significantly reduce belt damage and ‘down-time’ due to the absence of steel shrapnel from the seized roller.
  • Other benefits include reduced noise and improved Operator safety.
Tube (mm) Spindle / Bearing Seal
Ø63 x 5.5 Ø20/6204 Stationary End Disc Labyrinth Seal
Ø75 x 6.5
Ø88 x 7.2
Ø108 x 9.0 Ø25/6205
Ø133 x 9.5 Ø25/6205
Ø159 x 13.6 Ø30/6306 Radial Labyrinth Seal and Flinger
Ø168.3 x 18 Ø30/6306
Ø40/6308 Stationary End Disc Labyrinth Seal

Roller Finish: Standard matt Black.  Specific customer colours can also be accommodated.  Please contact our Sales Office for more information.  Increased wall thickness can be supplied upon request.

Horizon Range

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